Buying a Home

What are the Advantages of Buying a Home with the ROBB PARTNERS?

Deep Market Knowledge and Purchase Process Experience: We know the neighborhoods, the homes, the values and the people.

Search and Service Technology: Utilizing the latest technology enables us to achieve your home buying goals quickly and effectively. From Internet search tools and competitive market data to on-going client communication and service reporting, we put today’s technology to work for you.

Access to Sought-After Properties: Through our superior market standing and because we are in continuous conversation with homeowners and the Realtor community, we have developed an extensive network that often provides us with early knowledge of upcoming or off-market properties in Clayton, Ladue, University City, and throughout the St. Louis market.

Price Analysis and Negotiating Skills: We understand that the purchase of a home represents a significant investment and can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a condo in Clayton or a charming starter home in University City, a trade-up buyer looking for that hard-to-find buy in Clayton or Ladue, or are highly-focused in search of a distinctive property across the Saint Louis market, we will work with you to assess the value of candidate properties and determine and execute an appropriate bidding strategy.

Full-time Team Dedicated Exclusively to Our Clients: We have developed thorough systems and business processes to ensure a smooth search, negotiation, and closing. However, real estate transactions can get complicated and if they do, you will benefit from our first-hand problem-solving experience. We can confidently manage and work through unexpected issues.

Service Network: As a leading buyer’s agent, ROBB PARTNERS can connect you to an extensive network of service providers. From lenders to building contractors, we can refer you quickly to a wide array of reputable, cost effective resources.