Local Voices: Where to Find a Large Yard in Clayton

Sabrina Robb, Guest Blogger for the Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch, recently posted an article titled: Where to Find a Large Yard in Clayton

Here is an excerpt:

” Where can you find a house in Clayton with a large yard? Where to Find a Large Yard in Clayton There is always Brentmoor Park or Carrswold Drive, but some buyers feel overwhelmed by the size of these lots and the enormous houses and by the budget-busting asking prices. Our current listing at 20 Carrswold Drive is a prized exception. Otherwise, if you want a large backyard in Clayton, your best bet may be either a house on Southmoor Drive or on Polo Drive. Both are beautiful neighborhoods and owners love the feeling of being close enough to next door to know their neighbor, but also have the privacy a larger lot can provide. Homes do not come up for sale very often in these neighborhoods. Some of the houses never make it to the open market and many owners settle in for the long haul.

There weren’t any houses that were offered on the market this year on Southmoor Drive. There are some homes in the neighborhood that are located on lots that are nearly an acre.

Take a look at a few of houses that sold in the last couple of years:

3 Southmoor sold for $1,200,000 in 2010. This 4,917 sq ft home sits on a .53 acre lot.

9 Southmoor sold for $880,000 in 2010. This 3,695 sq ft home sits on .5 acre lot.

1 Southmoor sold for $975,000 in 2011. This 4,544 sq ft home sits on .74 acres lot.

Commonly known as “Polo,” the Country Club Place subdivision offers a number of properties on acre lots that back to an old Polo field. Homes on Middle Polo and on the exterior of Polo drive are mostly .3 – .4 acres with a few exceptions. There were 6 sales in the neighborhood in 2011. There is only one home that was offered for sale on the open market in 2012. Take a look at a couple of the most recent sales…”

To read the article in full on the Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch Blog Local Voices website, click here: Where to Find a Large Yard in Clayton