If you need to juggle two transactions at once, there are two ways you can proceed.

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If you need to sell your current home and buy your next one at the same time, you’ve probably got some questions about how best to orchestrate this kind of move. There are essentially two strategies you can follow: 

1. Buy first and then sell. Having your next home already secured before you sell your current one can offer peace of mind. It’s also much easier to keep your home staged and tidy if you aren’t living in it while it’s on the market. However, this option isn’t financially viable for some. Not everyone has the means to manage two mortgages at once. If you qualify for a bridge loan, though, this can help ease the financial burden. Otherwise, if you can afford to buy your next home before selling your first without the use of financing, be sure to communicate this to the seller.


With the help of the right agent, you should have no problems transitioning between homes.

2. Sell first and then buy. Selling first will allow you to apply the earnings from your home sale toward funding your home purchase. The difficulty of selling first is that doing so may put you in a precarious position until you find your next property. This is why having an experienced, local agent by your side is so important. With their help, you should have no problems transitioning between homes. 

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