St. Louis winters…we couldn’t resist….

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Winter 2019-2020 in St. Louis.
The worst time to buy or sell a luxury home.
Or the best time.

Winter in St. Louis means potential ice storms so maybe a failed open house.
Winter in St. Louis is the December holidays where people share and talk more. Maybe about your home. 

Winter in St. Louis means more people are indoors.
Winter in St. Louis means it’s a great time to sell or buy a home with a warm, cozy interior. Fireplace anyone?

Winter in St. Louis is when lots of realtors pull back.
Winter is St. Louis is when you can really stand out.

No one seems to know how to drive in winter.
Someone knows how to move St. Louis real estate in winter.

Want the very latest market trends for Clayton, Ladue, and U City?

Want professionals who have been there before and know how to sell your home or help you find your dream home in the middle of a typical St. Louis winter?

We have our bags of rock salt, a full tank of gas and plenty of eggs, bread and milk.
We do this every winter in St. Louis and we can certainly help you in this one.

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The heat’s on. 
The coffee and tea are ready.

Now you know.™

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