Anyone who’s bought or sold a house before is already aware that the right agent can make a big difference in your experience. But what about the brokerage where the agent is affiliated — does the brokerage involved in your home transaction really affect you as a consumer?

Brokerages can provide different services for buyers and sellers. If you’re selling a house, here are some of the things you can (and should) expect from many brokerages.


One of the most important things that a brokerage does for sellers involves marketing their listing, letting qualified buyers know it’s available and providing the information those buyers crave in sleek and lovely presentations. Spend some time looking up homes in your neighborhood on Zillow and take a look at some of the photos and listing descriptions. You’ll probably be able to tell pretty quickly which real estate agents invest in staging and photos, and which ones use smartphone snaps.

Education for you

Most people don’t sell a house every day — or every year, or twice a decade — so there’s a lot you might not know or remember about the process, and it’s part of our job to help provide the latest and greatest information.You might not think you need to learn anything about selling a house, but at the very least, it’s helpful to get an idea of what the market is doing so that you aren’t surprised at the price agents suggest when you start interviewing them.

Education for agents

The licensing requirements for real estate agents vary in every state, but each state requires some basic education in addition to ongoing, continuing education. Keller Williams prioritizes education for their agents more than others, providing seminars, webinars, reading materials, regular meetings, and other resources to make sure their agents know what’s new and what’s critical.

A network of buyers

Agents help expose your home listing to a broad section of buyers and other agents who are qualified to buy your house and interested in your specific dwelling. Listing your home as a “for-sale-by-owner” can limit access to the agent and brokerage networks of buyers. Some brokerages offer “coming soon” programs, where registered and qualified buyers can learn about homes that match their criteria. Sabrina Robb Partners affiliation with Keller Williams Luxury International and Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate ensures our reach with buyers that stretch across the country and internationally.

A network of mortgage and title pros

Just like real estate agents, you’ll find a wide variety of mortgage and title professionals who offer different specialties. If you don’t know how to find these people, our team will help.

Processes and procedures for the transaction

Home sale transactions can be complicated, both legally and financially, and also emotionally. At SRP, we have streamlined processes to make the transaction easier for everyone. We have a dedicated Transaction Director to help with some of the transaction details, which means you have a designated point person in the office to help keep you updated on your sale. 

Your trusted advisor and resource

When you need an emergency plumber, or your electricity goes out, do you know who to call? If you don’t have a go-to contractor, give us a call and we can offer some recommendations. We know people who can paint your house, pave your driveway, fix your water heater, or install a fence.

Most sellers don’t think about their real estate brokerage in terms of a resource, but the best agents affiliate with the best brokerages for a reason. Talk with us, then hire us, to find out what makes Sabrina Robb Partners different and better.