Saint Louis, Missouri was, at the turn of the 20th century, the 4th largest city in the United States. An epochal city, such as Philadelphia, Pittsburg, San Francisco, or Detroit, Saint Louis was home to the 1904 World’s Fair and the 1904 Olympics. Our architecture is reminiscent of this thriving period in the city’s history. Specifically, the Central West End features many grand mansions in private neighborhoods with exquisite European detail. This location rivals any affluent community in the country from this time. The grandeur of these homes and the prestige of the former owners have been captured in many publications over the years and continues to inspire the city’s architecture and real estate market. Although many of the original families that created these communities continue to reside in St. Louis today, new stewardship opportunities abound!

One of the most vibrant communities in Saint Louis, the Central West End has a long history as the place to go for effervescent nightlife, fine dining, and unique shopping. Contributing to the cosmopolitan vibe, the Central West End is also home to the city’s largest employer, Barnes Jewish Children’s Hospital, one of the finest and most respected hospitals in the country. Visitors, students, scientists, and healthcare professionals come from across the country and throughout the world to participate in some of the finest research and medical care occurring anywhere in the world. The highly ranked Washington University Medical School is also located in the Central West End.

Nearby, in mid-town, St. Louis University and its highly regarded medical school are also and important part of our urban landscape and a driving factor the local real estate market. Both Saint Louis University and Washington University represent a significant portion of our business…and are among some of our most beloved clients.

Downtown Saint Louis continues to redefine itself with the extensive conversion of lofts over the last decade, continually renewing restaurants, upscale hotel and casino properties. Our downtown continues to be home to many long-established employers as well as being the home of sporting venues for the Cardinals baseball organization, the Rams, and the Saint Louis Blues.

One of the Jewels in the Saint Louis landscape – and a particular favorite of the Robb Family – is Forest Park. The location of the 1904 World’s Fair, Forest Park is one of the country’s largest and most used parks. With 1,293 acres, the Park offers 3 golf courses, extensive running and biking paths, and ice skating rink, and recreating boating. Forest Park is also home to the highly-regarded St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, the St. Louis Science Museum, and the widely-renowned St. Louis Zoo. The park is also the location for the annual St. Louis Hot Air Balloon Race, music festivals, tennis tournaments, and an annual Shakespeare production. Sabrina and Dave have a view of the park from their front door – Robb Partners loves Forest Park and the City of Saint Louis and would love to be your tour guides!

And we haven’t even mentioned the world-famous Missouri Botanical Garden!

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